How To Bet On Sports

Finding a reliable and decent bookie online

A beginner who has no idea how to make a sports bet should start by looking for bookmakers’ websites. In the process of searching it is desirable to be guided by betting offices of Russian origin. This is a desirable, but not obligatory principle of choosing your bookmaker in the network.

Amateurs who do not know how to bet on sports, always worried about two things: successfully predict the outcome of the selected pair of teams, and getting the full amount of the winnings in the shortest possible time.

And if the first depends only on the knowledge, experience, and luck of the player, the second condition already depends only on the quality of client service options of the game portal. As a reliable bookmaker with a positive business reputation can be recommended Russian legal bookmakers from the top ten of the popularity rating:

  • The League of Bets;
  • Marathon;
  • Fonbet;
  • Leon;
  • 1HBET.

The mentioned list will also include the largest Ukrainian internet bookmaker “Paris Match”. These are betting sites, where players are never cheated with the payment of winning amounts, and where to bet on sports is always profitable and safe.

Cases when unscrupulous bookmakers delay the big winnings to the players, or do not pay the entire amount, more than enough. In bookmakers’ offices with a good business reputation such unpleasant situations for players are completely excluded.

Conditions of the game on bets through the bookmaker’s site

From the selected list of BC sites you should select a bookmaker with the most loyal conditions of participation in sports betting.

To these should be attributed the amount of minimum bet made by the player on the outcome of the sporting event. The range of the minimum betting size is in the range from 10 to 50 Russian rubles.

Beginners will be provided with detailed instructions for the player at the bottom of the home page of each serious bookmaker. Visitors who do not know how to bet on sports will be able to read the recommendations by opening the “detailed registration” tab.

During the registration process the following personal data are specified by the player:

  • The player’s name;
  • date of birth;
  • E-mail;
  • city of residence;
  • phone.

Inaccurate information about yourself is not allowed to be entered in the fields of the questionnaire. Violators of this paragraph in the instruction are waiting for instantaneous blocking of the game account.

In such matters should not be offended by the seemingly excessive principality of the bookmaker. It’s all about the specifics of the activities of legal bookmakers’ offices. This is a necessity dictated by the current legislation in the field of gambling and entertainment.

Registration in the CPPS and identification

The Online Betting Translation Centre (OTRC) is an intermediary between a betting company (BC) and a player. The MAC accepts the money and betrays it to the BC.

After selecting a betting company, you need to register with the BC, there are only two of them. Choose the one with which the BC cooperates. This is either the First CPPS or the CPPS of Kiwi Bank. Registration in the CPPS must be done only once.

Financial aspects of cash rates for matches

In order to start betting on selected sports matches you will need to replenish your game deposit. This is usually done with an electronic bank card. The procedure resembles paying for purchases on the Internet, or refill your account with cellular operators.

In addition to the bank card to replenish the game deposit, and withdraw earned at rates of winnings can be using the following services of electronic payments:

  • Webmoney;
  • Qiwi;
  • Skrill;
  • Yandex. Money.

Usually there are more than a dozen ways of deposit replenishment and withdrawal of earned winnings in the arsenal of each bookmaker’s office. Among them is the option of replenishment of the game deposit through the largest Russian mobile operators MTS and MegaFon.

The only restriction for registered users of the site is the principle of compliance of replenishment and withdrawal options.

How to bet on sports on the Internet

After creating an account and replenishing the deposit, you can start betting. To do this, you will first need to open a tab with the events on which the bookmaker takes bets. After opening the line of events, go to the page of the desired sport, where the matches of the current day are placed, and tick the box of the game on which you want to bet.

It is quite possible to imagine such a situation that a beginner who does not know how to bet on sports, may face difficulties when it comes to always intriguing and unpredictable matches of the English Premier League. In such cases, advisory support can be found by opening the forecasts tab for the championship of interest to get a complete picture of what is happening in this league.

Bookie bonuses

It is not the first year in the powerful bookmaker’s offices stimulate the activity of players, using various incentive bonuses, one of which is considered a bonus for registration on the bookmaker’s website.

The mechanism of such incentives is to pay the player 100% of the deposit replenishment amount. That is, if the registered client replenished his deposit for 500 rubles, the bookmaker gives him the same amount.

When choosing where to bet on sports, you should give preference to the offices where you can bet “live”. Bets of this type give a special pleasure to gamblers of sports betting on football matches. They jump up the odds in a second, and the player gets the opportunity to more than recoup the cost of made before the match, failed forecasts.