Craps Poker

Poker is one of the most iconic games on the planet and that popularity has been increasing in recent years.

Talking about poker, online poker, or just the word poker is somewhat limited as the poker universe is very vast and complete, especially when it comes to the game strands. It is fair to say that it is known or has been played at one time or another in the Texas Holdem, Omaha version or maybe even in 7 card stud.

Other of the preferences of many will also be video poker that so many like to play in the casino or at home. However, if we want to go a little further we can talk about craps poker or poker dice as it is usually used in English.

That’s right, playing poker with dice, the style of dice that you so well know and have grown accustomed to see. If you don’t know this aspect yet, read on to find out more about this dice poker game in Portugal.

Everything You Need to Play

Well, to play this craps poker you don’t need a big investment but let’s “put it on the table”, I say, everything you need to play craps poker at the highest level:

  • For starters you’ll need five dice. Surely you’ve seen them somewhere, with the poker card figures and their six sides. So, apparently normal dice but with the card figures on their sides.
  • A glass. If you wish you can use a simple plastic cup but we’re talking about dice poker so a typical cup for the effect that should come in the kit you buy is the perfect one for the game. This will be opaque and usually black in colour.
  • This element is optional but elevates the game to its maximum professionalism. We are talking about a board or carpet or we are going to roll the dice. It’s always much better than throwing the dice on the room table and watching them fall from side to side. It is recommended.
  • Last but not least, the players. To play this craps poker you need two or more players but believe me that even with only 2 players the fun and competitiveness are guaranteed.

Start Playing

Let’s then go to the rules of craps poker or simply the steps to start the game.

To start, the player places the dice in the cup (if he doesn’t have the cup, he uses his hand as in any board game), shakes and throws the dice under the carpet or board. After you roll the dice, you have the option to leave the dice you want to make a good hand and put the dice you didn’t like the result back into the cup and roll again.

Example: Let’s imagine that 3 kings come out, a ten and a nine and you decide to put the ten and the nine back into the cup in order to try your luck with more kings.

Attention: the dice that remain on the carpet can no longer be inserted back into the cup for a new throw. If they stay on the carpet, they will be part of your final hand. This action can be done up to twice per move.

The same will happen with the other player and through the hands of both players, the player with the best hand will end up winning. However, to better understand this part and who wins from whom and how it will be, it is always essential to understand the ranking of hands in dice poker and this is what we will do lower.

Getting Ranked in Craps Poker

As in Texas holdem, mastering hand rankings is vital and mandatory in order to sit at a table and start playing. So, in dice poker, the exact same thing happens.

With six sides to each dice, we can start by saying that the Ace is the highest and the 9 the lowest. So:

  • Five of a kind: in traditional poker it is impossible to make this hand but as we have 5 dice here, getting this hand is a dream and the certainty of an almost certain victory. Get 5 aces and watch other players’ faces start to turn grey with frustration.
  • Next comes Four of a Kind and this hand is already very popular in the most popular poker strands.
  • Next up is Full House and if you need more explanation about this hand you can click here.
  • Below these we have Straight, which in dice poker goes from 9 to the King or from Ten to Ace.
  • Three of a Kind (no big surprises here)
  • Pair (again without much to add here as well)
  • High card, which is something rare in this aspect of dice poker, by the way.

Now that you’ve read about the rules of dice poker, you can see that it’s very easy to play dice poker and the fun despite the simplicity is guaranteed, whether with 2 players or more.

Regardless of whether you can play with normal dice (by replacing the figures with the dice dots e.g. the six dots would be the Ace) and a normal cup and under any smooth surface, we suggest you don’t do it and try it with the equipment we put here. You will see that both the
enthusiasm of the game as the will to play more will be bigger and better.

Also point out that dice poker is quite similar to the popular Yahtzee game which is also played on the dice database. If this aspect of dice poker hasn’t meant much to you, you can test the poker game strands that await you , where you can enjoy traditional poker in the cash games strand as well as various tournaments. As you can see, there are plenty of options in poker. Good game!